It is hereby informed to all concerned individuals that the following individuals Mr. Rathan Singh Thakur and Mr. Shiv Rana are the only authorised signatories to sign and execute contracts for and on behalf of Dvine Technology Solutions (the “Company”). The Company has not agreed to, and is not bound by, any contracts or associated documents signed or entered into by any other individuals, even if such persons present themselves as having authority to sign for and bind the Company. The Company will have no liability whatsoever arising out of your transactions/discussions with individuals who are not authorized signatories of the Company. Further, no employee or agent of the Company is authorized to conclude any binding agreement on behalf of the Company with another party in any manner without express written confirmation by the above-mentioned authorized signatories.

In case you come across any individual posing as an authorized signatory of the Company except as specified herein, please refrain from engaging in any business or commercial relationship with such individuals and bring it to our notice immediately by writing to us at []. This will help us to prevent our customers from being scammed or subject to an illegal activity and take appropriate actions against such perpetrators.